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My X-Rated Career
What is Radiography?

"Radiography" means the technology involving controlled use of ionising radiation or radioactive substances and other modalities such as ultrasound and magnetic resonance to facilitate the diagnosis, management and treatment of disease or injury.

Singapore Society Of Radiographers

Diagnostic Radiographers

The most advanced life-saving technology needs eyes and minds to guide it. Radiography is a career that is people orientated and technology-based. You combine the knowledge of clinical practice and technological skills to help patients. By performing imaging procedures on them, you will play a critical role in the diagnosis of illnesses and injuries.

As a Radiographer, you will be one of our most sought after talents in the nation and worldwide.


A Word from the Expert
Our heartiest congratulations!

Tyrone officiating at the International Society of Radiographers World Congress in Hong Kong together with the HK Secretary of Health Authority recently.

For his contribution to the development of radiography worldwide, Tyrone Goh, general manager of NHG Diagnostics, NHG Gulf and NUH’s director of operations, CMI/EMD was recently conferred Honorary Doctor of Science, by London South Bank University.

He has been invited to London for the award ceremony later this year.

“I’m deeply honoured by this award. The recognition is not only for me but to Singapore and the profession as a whole,” says Tyrone who is President of the International Society of Radiographers with about 300,000 members from over 80 countries.

Over the years, working closely with the World Health Organisation, Tyrone has contributed much to helping to raise the standards of x-ray technology in radiography in developing countries like Africa, Fiji islands, India and Romania.

In Singapore, back then in the 1970’s, radiography was a little known profession. Recalling his choice of radiography as a career after his A levels, he chose to take the less trodden path and enrolled with the School of Radiography. He was subsequently awarded a Colombo Plan scholarship for a two-year advance radiography course in UK.

Tyrone remembers his early days as a radiographer, when x-ray films were manually processed in big chemical tanks in darken rooms. When doctors needed the results of the x-rays in a hurry, these films were handed over to them still dripping wet!

“Now we have advanced digital imaging like the CT scan and MRI which are more accurate, uses less or no ionising radiation, making it safer for patients. No more “wet films” and dark rooms” says Tyrone.

Tyrone is also a Fellow, UK College of Radiographers, Fellow, Australian Institute of Radiography and has a Medal of Honour from the Japan Association of Radiologic Technologists.

“There was nothing heroic or brave about us going there to provide medical support. We were there to treat the sick and injured, even the Tamil Tigers! It helped that I could speak Tamil. Many of them have lost everything – their families and their homes – leaving them with only the clothes on their backs, and yet they had a ready smile for us, for helping them. And the people there were amazed by our multi-racial team working closely together.”

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Issue 1
•  Alexandra Hospital, National University Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Institute of Mental Health and the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics also received the People Developer Standard, the mark given to preferred employers.
•  In 2004, 157 awards were given out to deserving staff under the Healthcare Manpower Development Programme (HMDP), compared to 93 in 2002. The total value also rose to S$5.3 million from S$2.73 million in the same period.