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NHG Dragonboating Healthprofessionals Victorious Sunday
NHG Dragonboat team




NHG Dragonboat team roared their way from a virtual unknown in the sport to the first runner-up and second runner-up in the Women's and Men's category respectively at this year's Inter-Stat Board Games (ISBG) 2006. The team also rowed hard into a place in the finals of the Mixed category. In spite of back-to-back races at Bedok Reservoir on 18th June morning, team spirit never faltered and focused on winning.

Team included NHG healhprofessionals like Nursing Officer Rozana Arshad (TTSH), Eric Koh (TTSH); Staff Nurses Goh Cheng Cheng (TTSH), Neoh Ai Lyn (NUH), Assistant Nurse Angel Kok (NUH) and Radiation Therapists Cai Chao and Ren Wei (TCI). Their commitment to make it to training every Sunday afternoon, even after night or morning shift duty have paid off.

"This is something I've been waiting for since the birth of the team in 2003. It's a milestone for us because week in, week out we sacrifice our Sundays - that is time away from our families - for something that we are passionate about. The team showed great team spirit and a never say die attitude. We persevered and finally we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labour. I'm just so proud to be a part of this team.
The night before, I was tossing and turning till about 4am because I was so nervous about the whole thing. I so badly want the team to do well. This is for my family, who's been putting up with my absence and all those colleagues whose roster I've messed up because I need to go for training." - Ms Rozana Ashard

NHG team members include -
Ms Rozana Ashard (Nursing Officer, TTSH),
Mr Cai Chao (Radiation Therapist, The Cancer Institute@TTSH),
Ms Chan Tsui Mei (Admin Assistant, JHC, AH),
Dr Charn Tze Choong (Medical Officer, AH),
Ms Goh Cheng Cheng (Staff Nuse, TTSH),
Mr Eric Koh (Nursing Officer, TTSH),
Ms Angel Kok (Assistant Nurse, NUH),
Ms Amsaina Kudsi (T&D Asst, HR, TTSH),
Mr Eugene Loi (Admin Assistant, HR, NSC),
Ms Catherine Loke (Admin Assistant, Ops- Hospitality, TTSH),
Ms Neoh Ai Lyn (Staff Nurse, NUH),
Ms Poon Siew Li (Sr HR Executive, NHG HR),
Mr Ren Wei (Radiation Therapist, The Cancer Institute@NUH),
Dr Jeffrey Tan Gek Meng (Registrar, AH),
Ms Tan Yih Li (Medical Technologist, Dept of Laboratoy Medicine, NUH),
Dr Tan Yung Khan (Medical Officer, TTSH),
Dr Tiffany Tang (Medcal Officer, NUH)

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NHG Dragonboat Team




NHG Dragonboat Team is now looking for more beautiful new people to join us!

Dragonboating has been termed as the sports for the “beautiful new people” according to Straits Times Urban supplement which spots trends and reports on the movers and shakers in Singapore..

This water sport is very team based and will ensure a good workout of your body.

We are an active team made up of NHG babes and hunks from various NHG institutions.

We train at least once a week, every Sunday from 4pm at Stadium Walk, Kallang (next to Police Coast Guard). We also participate in various competitions like Singapore Dragonboat Festival, SAVA Sprints and Singapore River Regatta.

Please contact us if you would like to come and join us for training. Training and equipment will be provided. You can email us at nhgdb@hotmail.com or call us at 6471-5933 (Ms Poon Siew Li) for more information.

*The application is only open to NHG staff.

Thank you,
NHG Dragonboat Team




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